GCo’s Picks: Alex’s Top Four Talks at GSummit SF 2013

GCo’s Picks: Alex’s Top Four Talks at GSummit SF 2013


A Closer Look at a Few Events at GSummit 2013

GamificationCo has asked some its editors for their top sessions picks for GSummit SF 2013. Here are Alex Landa’s picks for this year:

Gamification can change anything from a phone app to an entire business model. Here are a few events at GSummit that not only show changing media and businesses, but also show the innovative thought pattern behind these innovations.


1) Gamifying the World: From SimCity and The Sims to the Future

The creator of The Sims and SimCity, Will Wright, will be attending GSummit to speak on the gamification of real-life and various constructs within our everyday world. Taking inspiration from his games that have entertained millions, Wright breaks down how game design could be implemented further in each of our own lives. How can we make simple tasks more fun and engaging? How does gaming make difficult procedures simpler and more interesting? Join Will Wright as he attempts to re-imagine the entire world and design a whole new game out of reality.

2) Using Games to do Stuff: The IBM Way

IBM is no stranger to being a leading technological source. As an industry powerhouse it’s not only their duty to stay on top of their game but to expand further into other circles and create the future. Serious Games aims to improve the power of analytics to erase the problems many companies are having with data capturing to manage business operations. Come hear Phaedra Boinodiris speak on how gamification will not only erase these problems but revolutionize businesses as a whole.

3) Ready, Set, Jet! – The Employee Social Travel Game

Are you tired of training at work, only to learn new things the next month anyway? Are you sick of having to read new materials on your free time at home? Wouldn’t you rather play a game?

Ryan Mizusaki from Delta Air Lines will be at GSummit to address the gamification of learning material for employees. Through gaming, employees will learn about job knowledge, customer service, and selling skills. Ryan will speak about the process of making the game including all the aspects of a social game that make it a hit.

4) The Power and Pitfalls of Status in Social Networks: Scruff’s Blue Dot

Online dating was a big step in the world of romance, and Scruff is a step further.

Jason Marchant, the founding partner and head of products for the dating app Scruff will be at GSummit to discuss the effects of  status items in games, apps, and websites. Scruff features status items that have had unintended effects – positive and constructive, that have changed the dynamics of the Scruff community. Jason will speak on how others can learn how to balance a status system for their media using the lessons he has learned with this ‘blue dot’ system.


Gamification is evident everywhere in today’s world: from simplifying real life concepts in The Sims to revolutionizing the dating scene with Scruff, and teaching employees at Delta Air Lines to problem solving at IBM. Come attend these four events and see how you can gamify your life!


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