Guiding Gamification Through Management with Sascha Goto

Guiding Gamification Through Management with Sascha Goto

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McKinsey’s Sascha Goto Joins the Gamification Revolution

Sometimes when you want to gamify in a large organization, the hoops and hurdles you need to surpass may seem daunting. Sascha Goto is an Senior IT Manager at McKinsey who was able to successfully implement his own low-tech gamified system and was able to share some wisdom for us all on how we might approach doing the same thing.

He joined us on our weekly Gamification Revolution webshow with Gabe Zichermann and talked about:

  • Implementing gamification for IT management
  • Getting employees to participate with gamification systems on their own time
  • Demonstrating success with products
  • How to get approval for gamification
  • The effect of competition in an organization
  • Using low-tech proofs of concept

Watch the full interview below and catch this week’s special double-guest episode on gamifying loyalty with Maritz’ Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey this Thursday at 1 PM ET.

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