The Engagement Alliance

The Engagement Alliance


Gamification Experts are using today’s New York City Gamification Summit to announce the formation of the first industry association called The Engagement Alliance. This not-for-profit organization has set its sights on the study of the science behind the power of game mechanics to create behavior change.

Research initiated by the Alliance will work to advance existing studies that center around consumer behaviors and motivations. Ultimately, it will arm organizations and individuals with tools designed to educate about gamification – the use of game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences – as well as illustrate how gamification techniques can change employee interaction for the better as well as meaningfully engage consumers.

Gabe Zichermann, CEO of and summit chair explains, “Given the immense growth of the gamification market and the success of educational initiatives like the Gamification Design Certification offered at GSummit NYC, the need to consolidate around a non-profit has become clear. I look forward to collaborating with experts from a range of industries to further the ways in which the gamification industry can continue to positively change the world.”

“We are excited to support the formation of the Engagement Alliance,” says Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville. “The gamification industry is exploding and we look forward to helping contribute to further educating those interested in learning how to effectively engage and increase loyalty in consumers, users, and employees.”

According to the Gartner Group, Gamification will be used by 70% of the Global 2000 by 2015, with over $1.6Bn spent on related products, services and technologies.

Over the next four months, the Alliance will establish a presiding body as well as outline its preliminary initiatives.

For more information on Gamification Co and how to leverage the power of games in real life and business, visit http://Gamification.Co. Stay with us as the live stream of the GSummitNYC continues.


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