Designer Jesse Schell Joins the Speaker List for GSummit SF 2013

Designer Jesse Schell Joins the Speaker List for GSummit SF 2013

Jesse Schell Announced to Speak at GSummit SF 2013

In addition to big names such as Will Wright, Tim Kring, and Kevin Werbach, Jesse Schell has been announced to be a speaker at GSummit SF 2013, taking place this April 16 – 18. Jesse’s academic work in games has spawned The Art of Game Design and an enormous DICE talk featured on TED, to supplement his current work as a professor of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Melon and as the CEO of his own design firm, Schell Games.

As a game designer, Jesse’s work isn’t strictly about gamification but that is what also allows him to understand the subversive nature of games and playing that is able to produce new interesting human habits. His session will be looking at how games can unlock human creativity in an accessible but meaningful way. It is really exciting see so many speakers across different industries to discuss the topic of engagement because understanding the very real human affinity for play can change everything.

The ability to hear prolific designers like Jesse Schell and Will Wright shed some light on the transformative power of games is very, very exciting and will be useful for anyone who’s ever seen any value in games. And quite frankly, the man is awesome – look at him holding these giant chess pieces:

Only a Master Designer Can Hold all These Pieces

If you have not yet purchased tickets for GSummit, the Early Bird special to save $200 on the tickets has also been extended into January 11, 2013 for those needing to fit budgeting plans in 2013. Register now at


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