Consulting on Gamification: Strategy, Tactics and Trends

Consulting on Gamification: Strategy, Tactics and Trends

gamification consulting panel

Experts Weigh in On Gamification Consulting at GSummit SF 2013

For all you gamification advocates pushing to implement more fun into your organization, this video is for you.

This past GSummit, we gathered Thomas Hsu, Social Collaboration and Gamification Manager at Accenture, Sascha Goto, Senior Program Associate at McKinsey,  Naureen Meraj, Senior Global Director of Gamification & Strategy at NTT Data, and Bart Briers, Director of Services and Solutions at CTG to all discuss their experiences consulting and implementing gamification at their organization.

These three individuals have been heralds for the gamification cause at each of their respective organizations and have good advice for those looking to take on that role for their own company as well. Watch the full video below to see what they had to say.

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