Evolving Loyalty Using Persuasive Design with Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey

Evolving Loyalty Using Persuasive Design with Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey

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“Why does loyalty suck so much?”

…asks Gabe Zichermann on the weekly Gamification Revolution webshow. Last week we featured two loyalty gamification pros from Maritz Motivations: Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey, to talk to us about the proper way to gamify loyalty and how strongly immersed the gamification is in this long standing industry.

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Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • How loyalty can’t get past a P.B.L. design philosophy
  • The conservative nature of loyalty practionioners
  • Keeping loyalty members past the onboarding stage
  • “Grinding” vs “Rituals” for influence habits
  • Using randomized prize distribution
  • Using emotions for True loyalty and Cult loyalty

And much more! Check out the full 3-man special on gamified loyalty below. Be sure to also catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution this Thursday at 1 PM ET. Also, learn more about Barry & Bill’s Persuasive Design Workshop for Next-Gen Loyalty Marketing at GSummit this June 10th.

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