Why Real Rewards Matter: BigDoor’s Approach to Loyalty

Why Real Rewards Matter: BigDoor’s Approach to Loyalty

bigdoor gavin hewitt

Gavin Hewitt Explains BigDoor’s Customer Loyalty Strategy at GSummit SF 2013

Despite the overwhelming focus on badges in the gamification community, badge-only solutions have minimal impact on long term customerengagement. Big brands have discovered that the secret to driving customer loyalty is allowing customers to redeem points for tangible and intangible rewards.  Discover both why redeemable rewards work to build loyalty and engagement, as well as how to successfully integrate a rewards system into a gamified loyalty program. Using examples from the NFL, Yamaha Corporation and Adobe, find out what customers are looking for, and how rewards fit into the gamification puzzle in this talk by BigDoor’s VP of Sales, Gavin Hewitt.

Expect to learn:

  • Why are rewards important in a consumer facing gamified loyalty solution?
  • How are big brands embracing rewards and sweepstakes in their own loyalty programs?
  • What are some best practices for implementing a rewards program for your brand?`

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